Denver Homes that are Ahead of 2020’s Interior Design Trends

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January 3, 2020
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January 3, 2020

Every decade has had its signature style. There was shag carpeting in the seventies and the birth of ultra-bright color palettes in the eighties. Jump to the 2010’s and inexpensive build-it-yourself furniture became all the rage. Now as we enter a new chapter and a new decade, design experts are speculating what the next must-have home trends will be.

Some of the trends that we’re expecting to see include bursts of blue hues, colorful kitchens, and a focus on getting in touch with nature through plentiful plants. These design elements will be just a few of the newest design fads hitting the scene in 2020.

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 has been announced as “Classic Blue” or Pantone 19-4052. Don’t be surprised to see more of this rich blue hue, similar to a cobalt color, incorporated into home interiors. This color is described by Pantone as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence, and connection.” This color is exceptionally showcased in LIV Sotheby’s International Realty’s listing, 950 S Steele Street in Denver, listed by Nancy Levine for $4,900,000.

“The architect of 950 South Steele used materials including blond brick, weathered copper and deep blue-gray panels to connect the building to the earth, the sky, and the neighborhood in a balanced and elegant way. Building blues into the interior design enhances the architect’s intentions, as well as creating a calming effect by bringing the tranquility of the sky into the interior of the home,” said Levine.

Kitchens over the last decade have leaned toward light, bright, monochromatic designs. Countertops often utilized white stone, cabinets were commonly neutral colors or natural wood tones, and backsplashes showed up in standard black, white, or gray tile. Although this clean design was favored in the past, colorful, bold kitchens are coming into style. Using rich paint colors on cabinets and accent colors other than white will be big this year. A deep sage green brings the kitchen at 102 N Gilpin Street in Denver to life. This home is currently listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty broker, Josh Behr for $2,250,000.

One of the other popular trends puts health at the center of design. With many consumers placing a bigger emphasis on wellness, more homeowners are bringing the outdoors inside to refresh their homes. Plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, made popular by HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gains, have become fashionable accessories that integrate nature into any room. Some plant lovers even go so far as to create their own “garden room” filled with flora of all different kinds for a jungle aesthetic. 1936 Market St #U-II in Denver, which is listed by LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Broker, Anne Dresser-Kocur for $2,500,000, has a garden atrium that lets in natural light and is the perfect spot for adding as many potted plants as your heart desires.

As we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020, keep some of these design ideas in mind. Feeling the urge to make changes to your location, not just your decoration? Contact the real estate professionals at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty by calling 303.893.3200 or by visiting

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