A Unified Commitment: Sotheby’s Auction House & Sotheby’s International Realty®

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A Unified Commitment: Sotheby’s Auction House & Sotheby’s International Realty®


Sotheby’s Auction House and Sotheby’s International Realty share an unwavering commitment to the very highest level of quality, not only representing the world’s finest possessions, but also, the walls that house those possessions. By better understanding the bond that unites the Sotheby’s Auction House and the Sotheby’s International Realty brand, consumers are able to make better buying and selling decisions, no matter the product, and have the confidence that they are being represented by one of the most storied names on the global business stage.

Since the founding of the Sotheby’s Auction House in 1744, the Sotheby’s name has been synonymous with the marketing of the world’s most valuable and desirable possessions. Today, the firm’s reputation extends into the realm of exceptional real estate as well. The name conveys credibility and capability. It opens doors and grants access to places that others are unable to enter. Above all, it is a sign of the exceptional. In a very real way, the prestige of the Sotheby’s brand becomes associated with your property. A bit of the legend rubs off, enhancing its value in the marketplace.


While many people across the globe are familiar with the Sotheby’s name, it is the brand’s heritage that often remains a mystery. Few people know that the venerable auction house they know today began with the sale of several hundred valuable books auctioned off by London bookseller and Sotheby’s founder, Samuel Baker on March 11, 1744. The history of Sotheby’s expanded well beyond books to include the finest in decorative arts, jewelry sales, and fine wine, and is defined by extraordinary auction moments that continue to capture the world’s attention today.

Since 1744, Sotheby’s has distinguished itself as a leader in the auction world. Today, its auctions are conducted in ten different salerooms, including London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris. Sotheby’s BidNow programme allows consumers to participate in live auctions online and place bids from anywhere in the world. Season after season, the variety and excellence of Sotheby’s offerings have produced record-breaking sales. Historically, Sotheby’s has been entrusted with the sale of many of the world’s greatest treasures, amongst them including: the Estate of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the Duchess of Windsor’s jewels, Rembrandt’s Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer, Rubens’ Massacre of the Innocents, Picasso’s Garçon à la Pipe, Bacon’s Triptych, the Magna Carta, the first printing of the Declaration of Independence, The Martin Luther King Jr. Collection, and countless more.

Sotheby’s has long recognized that great works of art, as well as the collectors interested in buying and selling them, inhabit the globe, which inevitably led to the brand’s introduction to real estate, establishing Sotheby’s International Realty in 1976.


If the Sotheby’s tradition has taught us anything, it’s how to present a rare treasure to a sophisticated and discerning audience. The Sotheby’s International Realty network benefits from a unique relationship with Sotheby’s Auction House, specifically in regard to exclusive marketing efforts available to affiliates. A variety of programs are available to help Sotheby’s International Realty sales associates capitalize upon these opportunities on a daily basis. With a dedicated liaison stationed at the Sotheby’s Auction House, we are able to showcase our properties for the auction clientele. This is a high-profile audience – affluent, discerning and exclusive, and the Sotheby’s network gives us privileged access.

At the Sotheby’s Worldwide Headquarters in New York, a Sotheby’s International Realty brand desk can be found in the lobby. The desk serves as the first point of contact for Auction House clientele and employees and acts as a bridge between Sotheby’s International Realty brand offices around the world and this key audience. A digital gallery and brochure wall displays Sotheby’s International Realty properties from around the world, with similar displays emulated at Sotheby’s Auction Houses worldwide, offering unparalleled global exposure.

An added benefit of the relationship between the Sotheby’s International Realty brand and the Auction House, is the availability of behind-the-scenes tours of the Sotheby’s Auction House, that are available to Sotheby’s International Realty agents and clients, allowing a rare glimpse into the inner workings of how auctions function.

Today the Sotheby’s Auction House maintains 80 locations in 40 countries and conducts 250 auctions annually in over 70 categories, with the opportunity for Sotheby’s International Realty affiliates to have a live presence at some of these world-renowned auctions. In addition to Sotheby’s four principal salerooms in New York, London, Geneva and Paris, the company, recognizing the potential in new markets, also conducts auctions in six other salerooms around the world, including Hong Kong.


Together, the Sotheby’s Auction House and Sotheby’s International Realty brand remain at the forefront of technology, revolutionizing the industry with unrivaled reach and resources, as well as a commitment to providing high-resolution photography, high-definition videography and 3-D virtual reality tours to market the homes and possessions we represent.

Sotheby’s International Realty is the first real estate brand to launch and implement a virtual staging augmented reality (AR) app: Curate by Sotheby’s International Realty. This mobile app brings a home’s virtual staging images from 2-D perception into augmented reality, allowing customers to visualize a house as their own before purchase, thereby curating the homebuying experience.

Groundbreaking features include: Visualization — Any property can be transformed through a curated selection of AR furnishings and décor sets. Listing-specific staging options will be available in the near future. Recollection — The app has screenshot capabilities, allowing viewers to capture and store the images of AR furniture sets placed within the visit. Shop — Virtual home furnishings can be clicked for more information about the product, including a link to exit the app and be directed to a retailer’s website. All furniture is shown to-scale and provides accurate room dimensions, ensuring that furniture viewed in the app will be a fit, making purchasing and moving into a new home easier on new homebuyers.

The app’s shoppable AR scenes are courtesy of luxury furniture and accessories marketplace Viyet, a subsidiary of the Sotheby’s Auction House, further demonstrating the collaborative nature and cutting-edge technologies leveraged between the auction house and Sotheby’s International Realty brand.

Whether through the purchase or sale of art, jewelry, wine or real estate, the lineage of Sotheby’s and the brand’s global success, are rooted in a commitment to excellence above all else. In a world that is increasingly fast-paced, this tireless commitment to quality presents an extraordinary partnership of real estate professionals and art connoisseurs that can deliver unmatched service, value, and results.

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